Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Three reasons why you should start your biodegradable production now?

Firstly, to avoid keen plastic competition. The plastic price is low, right? But also profit is low. With low profit and keen competition, you’re hardly live no matter you’re a small or medium plastic factory. Biodegradable products do have a higher price, but the competition is low, you can easily find the market and make a good profit.

Secondly, to find the way for your company’s future. If you don’t use biodegradable materials, of cause you’ll lose the future no matter how big your company is now. Biodegradable material is a trend to replace plastics, gradually from now to the future. 

Third, you can’t afford to lose clients. Clients want more renewable products with lesser pollution. Of cause, biodegradable materials are the choice, if you don’t produce biodegradable products, your clients will find others who can produce them. 

Friday, December 24, 2021

Biodegradable materials do have a higher price than plastics, why do so many people prefer them over plastics?

It’s not the biodegradable material manufacturer’s fault that makes biodegradable material higher priced than traditional plastics, biodegradable materials are obtained from renewable resources, the raw material cost is higher than petrochemical materials. The production process of biodegradable materials are synthesizing organic substances, to make materials that can replace plastics but also need to maintain a considerable period of time without deteriorating like foods. So, the raw material and production process makes the biodegradable material costs higher than traditional plastics. But still, why do so many people prefer biodegradable material over plastics?

Firstly, plastics are not clean. If you see the plastic market, many plastic raw materials are recycled from the rubbish dump, which may be bloody needles from the hospital, bottles filled with excrement and urine, containers used for pesticides, only the garbage picker knows whether it’s clean or not. But, after that rubbish is crushed into plastic pellets, made into food containers, cups or straws, it comes into our food table. Do you believe you’re eating your food with those rubbishes? Of cause, you don’t know. Compared with plastics, biodegradable materials can’t be recycled, they’re just like food, once you throw them away, bury them into a garbage heap, they become the food of microorganisms, completely return our ecosystem. So every time when you use biodegradable products, they’re 100% clean, new, and safe.

Secondly, biodegradable packing can give people a better experience than plastics especially in food and beverage packaging. Many people feel bad when they smell plastics, especially in hospitals, if patients don’t want to drink and eat, they’re slow on recovery. Small children who have a keen sense of smell need a long time to get used to food and beverages with the plastic smell before they can eat and drink happily. Compares with plastics, biodegradable packing smells very good, will not impact people’s appetite like plastics. 

Third, it’s annoying when you see a lot of plastic rubbishes flying into the sky and scattering everywhere on the road. Plastics are causing a lot of pollution and influencing people’s emotions. It’s also a high cost to employ people to clean plastic pollutions, especially when plastics come deep into the ocean and buried into the soil. Smaller pieces of plastics are even harder to clean, they’re polluting every corner of our earth. By using biodegradable materials, people are doing lesser pollution to the earth, especially can improve their ecosystems in their surroundings.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

How do biodegradable polymers help a small plastic factory grow leaps and bounds?

Mr. Zhang has run his plastic factory for over 10 years, but his factory still being small until the year 2021. The first time Mr. Zhang heard biodegradable polymers was in July 2021, he said to the salesperson of Leeka Biodegradables, "it’s impossible! I am selling plastics, my clients still said our price is very expensive. Now, if I produce biodegradable, the price would be even more expensive. They would not accept unquestionably!"  Of cause, Mr. Zhang was denying on behalf of his clients without consulting them. 

During the launch time, salesperson Mr wang ordered take-out meals to avoid the risks of eating out in restaurants due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The food arrived and was packed in white boxes which were produced from a kind of plastic material called PP. Every day millions of take-out meals were delivered out and packed in similar boxes produced from the same PP material or similar PS material. These disposable food boxes were thrown away after the food was eaten, they become white rubbishes that are not biodegradable. After the launch, Mr. Zhang said, “Maybe I will try, starting producing disposable food boxes for take-out meals!”, thus, Mr. Zhang ordered a very small quantity lesser than 1 ton for his first biodegradable food box trial. The luck comes! Within 15 days, Mr zhang got two big clients demanding millions of food boxes that need to be produced in biodegradable polymers. Of cause, Mr. Zhang was very happy. He had never seen such big order in his life. By switching to biodegradables, Mr. Zhang completely remedied what he had invested in plastic for the past 10years without making a big money. As he had learned from these two big clients that they’re purchasing plastic food boxes before they see Mr. Zhang’s biodegradable food box samples, he realized if he continue producing plastics without the trial of biodegradable, he would never have a chance to cooperate with these two big clients.

Because of big orders, Mr. Zhang’s factory is growing fast and they finally decided to quit all their plastic production to focus mainly on biodegradable production in November 2021. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

How dangerous B2B trade portal is?

 Many buyers use B2B portals to find suppliers, also many small business owners use B2B portals to lower their sales and marketing cost. The truth is after you checked all the suppliers on B2B portals, not any actually big companies using it, here is why:

1) Do you often receive emails containing a zip or a link that told you to reset your password? If yes, then you may wonder how this person finds you? why they’re so interested in your email account and want to crack your password? The truth is are partially from B2B portals and partially hackers parasitize on B2B portals. No matter you’re a supplier or a buyer, these people are interested in you, because these people want to get all your customer information and resell it, and there is someone buying it. This is why you should get rid of the B2B portal.

2) B2B portal is using your information to market itself. To get traffic to their website, they need something called keywords. These are often your company name, email address, and telephone number always becomes. When someone searches for your company information from google, the B2B portal’s website is right after your company website, thus visitors go directly to their website, and they’re reselling this traffic for a good price.

3) B2B portal is doing something perplexing you. They mark the product to half the selling price and even as low as one dollar to get traffic and attention, when you actually want to buy, the price is very high. This is not important, counterfeit products are the best choices to sell on B2B portals because the suppliers don’t care about their reputation, it’s the reputation of the B2B portal, so anything they sell after they make money, they go. Or just change their name and continue to sell something else. 

4) Top listed B2B platforms especially the giants are using big data to monitor everything you do include every click of your mouse and scroll of the screen, this is like installing a security camera in your home. You’re completely naked when you’re using them. They know what you want, they will suggest to you who paid them the most not the one who has the best product and prices.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

China biodegradable materials, the biggest business opportunity for the next 10 years

 Plastics won’t help your business if you want your company to win over your competitors and gain a successful future. Even without government policies to prohibit using it, you need to consider the competition. The keen competition of plastics is going to make many plastic factories die, only the leading one will survive. Leeka biodegradables will help you break the rules, even you’re a small factory, with materials from Leeka biodegradables, you can produce healthier, cleaner, and biodegradable plastic alternatives, this technology advantage is not leading plastic factories can compete. If customers of leading plastic factories can’t buy biodegradable products from them, they will choose to buy from you, even you’re a small-scale factory, this is where leading plastic factories will fail to compete with you.

Never had the experience to import from China? You can start now. Import business is the worlds’ most profitable business as well as safe as houses. China's biodegradable materials are the world’s best resources, developed fast where other countries stick in combat with coronavirus. This is why you should choose biodegradable materials from China - the world’s most clean, safe, healthy biodegradable resource. With Leeka biodegradables as the representative, you can buy biodegradable materials secure, fast delivery, and result in successful production.

China's biodegradable materials are the world’s biggest business opportunity for the next 10 years. Many people if they smell plastics in the food, will feel sick, this is where biodegradable food containers are greatly in need. Biodegradable food containers for take-out meals are going to solve the headache caused by plastic food boxes, prevent our earth from heavier plastic pollution. Also, biodegradable bags are the better choice to pack cooked food, this won’t make food smell bad where plastics always do. Finally, biodegradable straws, stretch films and cutleries are going to help our earth from pollution. If you see all kinds of plastic waste in the ocean, dustheap, you will understand how serious plastics had harmed our environment and many other people’s health especially those people whose job is to dispose of those plastic waste. Plastics is a very expensive product because when you used it, you throw it away, it then becomes rubbish, this rubbish is a harm to our earth, our ecosystem, and people’s health; if you want to undo what you had done, it’s just like fishing for a needle in the ocean, this why makes plastics so expensive. The harm of plastics is going to be avoided, the only alternative is using biodegradable.

Leeka biodegradables- your choice to success

1, Choose Leeka biodegradables is to choose efficiency. Compares others suppliers need 30~40 days to finish one container materials, Leeka biodegradables can finish a few containers per day. 

2, Choose Leeka biodegradable is to choose integrity and honesty. No free samples, no gift for bribery, your mind is clear, no bias, no emotional influence, your decision to buy is based on justice and rationality, which is very beneficial to your business. However, if you would rather choose bribery, you’re going to screw your business, that’s everybody called “Penny wise, pound foolish".

3, Choose Leeka biodegradable is to choose innovation and new technology. The new materials you purchased from Leeka biodegradables are not only bringing profit to your business but also the latest biodegradable technology which will save your company from twists and turns. As Leeka biodegradable is a very innovative enterprise, partnership with this kind of supplier will benefit your business in the long term.

4, Choose Leeka biodegradable is to choose a business with a group of honorable people. Are you willing to buy your materials from some bad guys? This is the choice to play with fire. Choosing Leeka biodegradables does not only makes you have peace of mind but also has a sweet dream. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Biodegradable bags, the vast demanded bags every day

According to the vice-chairman of the plastics recycling committee of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, every day, the whole people of China need to consume 1 billion disposable plastic bags chopping vegetables, plastic bags of other variety is above 2 billion. If every plastic bag weight 5gram, the whole province would produce above 750 tons of plastic bag rubbishes every day.

Biodegradable bags are the cheapest alternative for all kinds of plastic bags, they can be safely used to replace all kinds of plastic bags in the supermarket when customers buy products, biodegradable bags can be used as a standby option. If 1% of people on the earth are voluntary users of biodegradable bags, it would reduce about 30tons of plastic bag rubbishes every day (if people in China are one-fourth of the global population).

Three reasons why you should start your biodegradable production now?

Firstly, to avoid keen plastic competition. The plastic price is low, right? But also profit is low. With low profit and keen competition, ...